Listening to…. Rhodes …. And rugby

It’s my dad’s birthday today, he would have been 86. Dad loved his rugby and he would have enjoyed the big upset at the World Cup today with Japan beating South Africa. He instilled the love of the game into all his children.  Although my eldest brother played Football (soccer), even he is a big rugby fan and is involved with the Stags in Southland.  I am a rugby girl through and through too.  However, I’m not complacent and am a little nervous when it comes to the World Cup, particularly as a quarter final between France and New Zealand is quite likely (at this point). So today I switched to the BBC and listened to my favourite lad Dermot O’leary.  Rhodes and Birdy were guests today with a live session, and although my listening to song has nothing to do with rugby – it’s a beautiful song – the title is what will be required for the All Black fans through the next few months. Also if you can check out the collaboration with Birdy. It’s also gorgeous.

Enjoy Breathe – Rhodes

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