How (not) to spend the weekend

I’ve just had a 3 day weekend come to an end.  I had worked a couple of extra weekend days and I had Friday off to make up for only a one day weekend last week.  Luckily the weather has played ball, with sunshine, although yesterday’s wind was jolly cold.  However I got to the end of last night feeling like I needed Monday off as well.  Everything has been so busy, and I’m afraid I’ve had a case of the winter blues this year.  I’m not alone, everyone I know seems tired and jaded this year.  Maybe it’s the fact that we’re all just struggling along in a rebuilding city, maybe it’s just winter – who knows.  I had spent Friday and Saturday just lazing around, to be honest.

Last night I finally got around to watching “Boyhood” – a movie that was on at last year’s film festival, and I realised I’ve not managed to get to anything in this year’s one yet!  I did enjoy the movie though … and for your listening pleasure I have loaded up the song “Hero” from the soundtrack – I do like that song.

This morning dawned and the cat work me at 5.50am. I managed to ignore her until 6.30 … but there went the lie in.  No excuse – up and at it.  I cooked a healthy scrambled egg, spinach and tomato mixture to have on grainy toast and stripped the bed, put the towels on a wash… 3 loads of washing on the line today and all line dried!  I also then got my a into g and went into town to look at the NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year exhibit.  I enjoyed this, but didn’t enjoy so much heading to that part of town – Manchester Street and East is just a mess.  There is rebuilding going on, but there are also just a lot of fenced off vacant sections and building still straddled to shipping containers.  It will be 5 years since the Sept 4th quake soon and we’re only 6 months away from 5 years since the Feb 11 quakes.  There are times when time is MOVING SLOWLY!

I wasn’t to be depressed today though!  I went and enquired about kitchen renovations (probably in the 12 month plan) and then home to lunch outside, a nana-nap to make up for the early wake up, then a 3km walk to re-awaken myself!  Time to emerse myself in some reading and then time to bring in aforementioned washing and get a dinner on – green chicken curry.

Sorry, this blog sounds like “what I got up to in the weekend”… but my point is, today I feel like I did so much more but now I actually feel like I am ready for work tomorrow.  Sitting around “resting” the first two days really didn’t do me any good!  It almost felt like wasted time.  Lesson learned.  Be busy, and you feel way more accomplished.  But then, you guys reading this are intelligent enough to know that already, huh?

Have a good week everyone!

3 responses to “How (not) to spend the weekend

  1. I’m definitely with you on the winter blues! It’s just been a very cold winter. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since the earthquakes. It must be very frustrating to still see the areas where there hasn’t been much progress (as understandable as it is, with such a massive task of rebuilding.) It is great to get to that elusive state of feeling ‘ready’ for work!!! (hardly ever happens here 😀 )

  2. Just had a chance to watch the video…love your music recommendations. Very mellow for the end of the weekend. Happy Monday for tomorrow!

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