The gift of reading

I love reading and can power through the books.  Lately I’ve been a bit slack in the reading department, not with much good excuse either.  Too much wasting time online, if I’m truthful.  Much and all as I love social media, it can be very time wasting.  However I did have a good pile of books last month that I’ve managed to get through, and I’ve just picked up some more books today.

It gave me a lovely thrill then, to receive an old-school snail mail parcel unexpectedly on Thursday.  My sister-in-law had seen a book lover’s journal, thought of me, and sent it to me!  I may even have to dabble in an on-line book club so I can utilise it even more!

So, I’m currently reading a lovely quirky number called “The Little Paris Bookshop” … what are you reading, and do you have any good recommendations?  I’m open to most genres, and enjoy non-fiction as well as fiction.


One response to “The gift of reading

  1. So true about how online time steals away reading time. I’m just finishing the last of the Hunger Games books (tore through the first two, then slowed down…guilty as charged with online meanderings!)

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