Junk Free June – the wrap up

JULY!!!! I’ve made it through Junk Free June, raising $129 for the Cancer Society and losing 3.2 kg.

I’ve also learned a few things about myself – that I do have will power, that treats are treats, not something I should eat every day and that sugar is hiding everywhere, but it’s not that hard to cut it out, if you plan ahead.

I’ve also found that some people on the sugar-free websites, where I’ve gone for advice, recipes etc, are absolute zealots!  For me it was never about quitting completely, and I’m not a huge believer in removing any food group unless there’s medical grounds, but the dairy free, sugar free … well any “diet” fad focused people are pretty staunch.  I had watched “That Sugar Film” on May 30th and it was the decider that I needed to do something as I’ve always known i’ve got a sweet tooth, but I actually like the measured approach his website takes – particularly on being “gentle to yourself” when you give up.  Damon Gameau also doesn’t stop eating fruit, dairy and admits to the odd piece of dark chocolate.  I liked that balanced approach.  However there is definitely something to reducing the hidden added sugars to your diet.

I am going to try and keep my new found weight off (and maybe lose a little bit more) and keep eating more healthily. However, I will indulge in the odd dessert or treat, but be more aware of what I have eaten already that day. I still have 2 squares of chocolate left from the 100gm block I had at the start of June, and never touched my ice-cream. I have eaten 576g sugar (just over half a kilo) this month, averaging 4.8 tsp a day. In February and March this year I was averaging over 3 x that amount, and wasn’t tracking my food as accurately. And yes, I’ve had a couple of 39 and 40tsp days in the past. So I feel like I have really achieved something this month. 

And as for day 1 of July?  I’ve had 6.25tsp sugar, “treated” myself to 2 squares of a well known brand of chocolate (a fund-raising bar at that…) and found it too disgustingly sweet and promptly gave the remaining chocolate (85g sized bar) to my colleagues at work to share. It will be dark chocolate for me going forward!  I haven’t lost my sweet tooth, or sweet cravings, but hopefully I’ve recreated a few good habits!

2 responses to “Junk Free June – the wrap up

  1. What a fantastic effort – 3.2kg lost! And it sounds as though you generally feel better and more stable if you have lost the cravings enough to give away chocolate! (gasp!)

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