Spice Paragon

On a cool Saturday night the seven of us headed to Spice Paragon, a thai-fusion restaurant.  Spice Paragon opened in Ilam a few years ago, but this was their newer restaurant in Victoria Street.

It is a deceptively large place, with the connected bar Khao San Road our meeting place before dinner.  It’s always great to have connected bars so you can take your drink through to your table at the restaurant, as someone has always just bought a drink or refilled when you realise it’s time to move on!

Anyway, we were seated at a table near another internal bar, and what followed was a good three hours of convivial food and company.  The only downside from this aspect was it was a rather noisy restaurant – and rather full – so having a conversation was restricted to the very nearest to you.

The food was fabulous – the aromas as we waited teasing our taste buds!  I love the smell of good thai cooking – the aromas of garlic, coriander and other herbs and spices!  It’s a warming mouth-watering aroma!  Our waitress was good, knew the menu well and offered a little advice on order to share or to just have singles.

Starters were ordered – Miang spinach leave with mango, crunchy coconut and lime (that was mine and was so refreshing and zingy!), miang spinach leave with prawn, caramelised peanuts, ginger and chilli, skewered UFO pork, salt ‘n’ pepper squid and tempura soft shell crab.

On to the main meal and special pad chicken cha (spicy chicken) was ordered, along with pad thai in egg nest, free range chicken with tomatoes, vegetables & cashew nuts (that one was mine and the cashew nut serve was generous!).  Spiced beef sliders, wok fried fresh market vegetables, Vietnamese pancake and slow cooked melting beef check with red curry sauce were also all ordered.  The meals were so full of flavours, and filling.  I had picked something with as little sugar as I could tell from the menu, although the sauce had a sweet chilli kick to it so I had to add a tsp to my JFJ calculations, but I couldn’t fault the flavours, the free range chicken was superb, and I even ate asparagus as part of my dish!  Most plates were cleaned up and if they weren’t it was because we were a little full!

Dessert menus were delivered and two of the party decided to indulge.  I decided to have a Glamorous Tea – a Flying Snow.  This was a green tea with a “seed ball” placed in the hot water, and as it infused it opens up to be a flower. My tea was Marigold with Coconut Fibre.  It was fascinating to watch and once the flavour infused very nice indeed – a nutty sort of flavour to it.  The desserts looked amazing and the plates were cleaned up so must have been good – I might have to go back after June has finished for a treat!

A great evening all round, the food is a little on the pricey side, but Spice Paragon is in the entertainment book and we were able to redeem two vouches among the seven of us and split the bill, which then turned it into a very reasonable meal!

Great for a good meal out, not a venue for a nice quiet meal for two, but I would definitely recommend it!

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