Sugar Free June

I’ve been talking about cutting down the sugar and eating more healthily.  I know I’m not the worst out there but I do have a very sweet tooth.  Ice-cream and Chocolate are my two biggest vices, but actually, show me any dessert, or cake – I’ll take it over a savoury option any day.  A bag of crisps can stay in my house for over a week, but a packet of chocolate biscuits will be lucky to last a day!  My best fight against this is to not keep lots of biscuits in the house, but I do have chocolate and ice-cream.  I also work where food is made and available – cakes, scones, muffins.

So anyway after talking about Junk-Free-June I took a deep breath and signed up.  It’s for a good cause (Cancer Society) and hopefully some of my friends will donate regardless of how well I do.

I have been logging on to the My Fitness Pal app for some time now and although it promises me I’ll lose weight, it does go up and down a bit – probably due to the aforementioned sweet tooth!  However it does break down the calories into nutrients etc and I can see that I was easily hitting 50gm + sugar a day (that’s 13 tsp a day), with my worst day actually doubling that!  Imagine what it would have been if I still took 2 sugars in my tea (I drink 4-5 cups a day!) Ouch.  At least I stopped that a while ago.  Looking at the facts though, no wonder I’m not losing any weight.

After going to see That Sugar Film, I finally decided to take action.  I’m not going to cut out sugar completely, as I know that’s setting me out to binge and fail, but I am going to, as my Junk Free June profile says cut down to between 6-10 tsp a day.  That’s quite a challenge in winter, and also this week, as I’m on leave at home … and I’m a bit of a boredom eater.  Why did I chose 6-10tsp?  Well various reports say 10tsp is okay (WHO used to state that but have downgraded to 4tsp) and is mentioned as being okay for men, 6tsp is “okay” for women.  In That Sugar Film, they mention the 4tsp a day is better and of course zero is the ultimate.  However I have NEVER believed in cutting anything out of your diet.  Moderation and a focus on vegetables (not so much fruit due to Vitamin C not being good for my haemachromatosis) has been my mantra – followed by “and chocolate every day!”  Jokingly added, but actually I probably have come to live by that, so that’s going out of my vocab too.

So, how am I going to do this?  Particularly as I have a foodie trip planned to Wellington (including a visit to Louis Sargent’s for French High Tea)?  Well, a lot of meal planning, buying healthy snacks, and allowing myself a small indulgence occasionally.  For instance today I had a piece of Lindt Dark Chilli Chocolate – 1 square, 5gms (Just over the tsp).  I also believe in allowing for a special occasion – so Louis Sargent might be this month’s!  This month’s meal out with the DDs might have to be dessert free!  I do have a plan to ask for a doggy bag though – as they’re all morsel sizes at the High Tea, I could perhaps eat my High Tea treats gradually, over a couple of days, or have a bite and give the rest to my sister!!!  I will update you on how it goes, but I think one small digression in the month is probably fair enough, given we’d booked this treat months ago!

Anyway, a quick run down of the first three days of Junk Free June:-

Day 1 – 4 tsp sugar ! Wow, that wasn’t so bad.  Carrots and hummus rule.  Soda water with lemon has helped the water intake (oh and I’m doing the hot water and lemon thing every morning).

Day 2 – 7 tsp sugar! Includes 1.75tsp from ONE mandarin.  At least I know that sugar consumed this way, with the fibre and goodness of fruit isn’t so bad and I’m really going to focus on the hidden/added sugars rather than sugars obtained directly from eating a piece of fruit.  If I go over due to eating an apple, a pear, a mandarin in its entirety, it isn’t the end of the world – if I go over due to eating treats, that’s a bit different. No matter what it won’t be the end of the challenge, I’ll “get back on the horse” so to speak.

Day 3 – 6tsp – included my one piece of chocolate!  Yay!

The hardest thing has been seeing that my Hot Chocolate drink will cost me 5tsp of my daily allowance.  I might have to do some research to find alternatives, but as I don’t drink coffee, it is my go to hot drink if I’m not up to a cup of tea.

I’m rather grateful I managed to have my meal out with the DDs at the very end of May – that was one helluva apple crumble!

If you have any tips or suggestions of what I can do / eat without having to go out and buy too many ingredients, please comment!   Also, if you are in New Zealand and would like to support or motivate me, please go to my page and make a donation – it’s such a good cause.

8 responses to “Sugar Free June

  1. Good luck – the hardest part sounds like all the hidden sugar. Disappointing about the mandarin – surprising that there’s that much in fruit!

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