Bootleg BBQ Co

On a cool, frosty night the seven of us ventured to Bootleg BBQ Co for a Friday night meal.  I always struggle going out at the end of the working week, but this time it was worth it!

Bootleg BBQ Co is a bar/restaurant in Welles Street, Christchurch.  It is a well set out rebuild of an industrial type building, using big fire station doors as windows, and has brick facade outside and brick walls inside – re-inforced, I’m sure!  It has a warm feel while retaining that look of “cool”.  We were seated in the main dining area – there are tall tables in the bar where people were snacking with after work drinks.

Our waitress, it has to be said, was fabulous.  She knew her food and her delight and passion for the menu was refreshing.  She knew and had tasted pretty much everything on the menu and gave good advice.  Bootleg BBQ menu works as a “sharing” menu, with the mains prepared in a way that makes it easy to share across a table – or be a huge serving for one!  On her advice we ordered two “mains” – Wakanui Tri Tip (Steak with onion and smoked chilli sauce) and Pork Spare Ribs.  Along with that we ordered “Hush Puppies” (a sort of fish ball), Bacon Pops, Seasonal Slaw, Roasted Brussel Sprouts (with bacon and smoked mustard), Soft Bread Rolls, Three Mac Cheese (with bacon) and Tator Tots (like potato pom poms with amazing aoili sauce!)

It would be fair to say we had more than enough food to keep us happy.  Beautiful flavours, with good balance of spice and heat, we were in foodie heaven.  The service was efficient, friendly and quick.  I really enjoyed the Brussell Sprouts (one of my choices!).  Not everyone’s menu item, I’m sure, but roasted with the bacon and mayonnaise, they were just lovely.  They’re an under-rated vegetable – when cooked well, either roasted or sauteed in butter with bacon and/or garlic, they are fabulous.  However I digress.  The pompoms were a great option, and a nice change from fries.  The Bacon Pops were chunks of smokey bacon on skewers served over slaw.

The presentation of the food was fabulous, and I couldn’t fault it.  By sharing, it was quite an economical evening too.  I think I’d struggle to eat a main and have sides – it would also put the cost of dining up there, but sharing like this is fun, you get to try so many different options and you have more than enough with out eating to the point of being stuffed.

The dessert selection was small, Smores, PB&J Beignets, Banana Pudding and Crumble.  Some of us opted for dessert, with the PB&J Beignets, Banana Pudding and Crumble picked.  My crumble was absolutely divine and I loved the presentation in its little cast iron casserole dish.

I would rate this as one of the best new dining spots in Christchurch, and as long as the service stays at the great standard, you will have a great night!


A selection of the table … sprouts, tator tops, slaw, ribs, half obscured wakanui trip tip with onion rings


My very cute individual crumble

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