A Night Out

On Wednesday night I had the fortune to have a great night of fun and laughter, seeing Ed Byrne, Irish comedian, at the Isaac Theatre Royal.  He was there as part of the 2015 Comedy Festival – a festival that runs throughout the country.

It was a brilliant show, full of comedic irreverence and humour.  A bit of coarse language, but then that’s pretty common nowadays, and as my good (half irish) mother said, it never sounds quite so harsh in an Irish accent!!!!

However, I must confess that part of the highlight of my night out was the venue. Being back in the  “grande dame” of Christchurch, was special.  The theatre was reopened only at the start of the year and I’ve been itching to get to something there.  They have rebuilt/restored (more build than restore) this beauty perfectly. The marble staircase, the opulent wallpapers … only when you go to the “outer” parts of the building, ie the toilet facilities in the side corridors, do you realise it’s a new building.

This theatre was one place I was thrilled to see saved. The reality is, it’s only the facade and the dome, but they have done it so cleverly it’s seamless, and the furnishings have maintained the illusion.

I have fabulous memories of this theatre; seeing the Proclaimers live as an 18 year old, watching Grease from the Gods, seeing ballet come to life, numerous shows and acts.  It is fabulous to think I will have more memories in years to come, thanks to this lovely, beautiful venue, a stand out jewel in the city’s somewhat broken crown.

The stage, with royal boxes flanking each side

The stunningly restored, hand-painted dome


One beautifully restored facade attached to a fabulous new Theatre!

One beautifully restored facade attached to a fabulous new Theatre!

3 responses to “A Night Out

  1. What a beautiful building. I’m delighted to hear that you saw The Proclaimers there! Their first album was one of my early hard-earned purchases as a teen – I can still sing all their songs. Fantastic that they have managed to do such a great rebuild that was so authentic to the original.

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