Sunday Street Art

Last year we had the Rise Street Art that popped up all around Christhurch, combining with an exhibition at the Canterbury Museum. This year I’ve been meaning to get into the YMCA where the Spectrum Street Art was showing. The exhibition finished today so I finally got into action and went into town to see it.  There is still plenty of street art around town – new art and last year’s still adorn sides of buildings, which are great to see when there are vacant lots in front of or beside them.

Once again Banksy featured, with a privately owned collection of his works available.  This year though, the focus was more on the graffiti art.  A colourful free exhibition which I’m glad I managed to get to.

Along the walk down Hereford Street I also saw another feature that you see in Christchurch – a book exchange library.  The original was a fridge, this one was on a smaller scale!

The. YMCA courtyard


Lorde, she’s everywhere!

a fake. subway carriage

panoramic of one of the rooms

Graffiti for dinner?

Even the exits are painted

Painted at all heights and angles

The main artists’ room

These main works had special painting ‘effects’

Effects change to show the artists’ names

my favourite Banksy (you can see others reflected slightly)


Weekend reads


One response to “Sunday Street Art

  1. Not sure all of these are permanent or not. Graffiti has become a fabulous art form, especially after what it used to be. I enjoy it where it is well-done and well-placed. Is it art or defacing property? I wonder what most people think?

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