Listening to … The Broods (and having a week-day off)

I worked yesterday, so I am having tomorrow off – a Monday – instead.  I’m looking forward to it.  Normally when I work a weekend day I plan to do a 3 day weekend the following week, but circumstances resulted in just taking the day on Monday, and having a four day week instead.

The good thing is, it’s a Monday.  So I can get some stuff done that you can’t do at the weekend, or when you work full time, and it’s at the quiet end of the week so if I do have to chance it at the shops, they’ll be quieter too.

I have library books to return and I want to do some gardening so I might not get to the shops at all … but it is an opportunity to have a wander.  However it’s still “my weekend” so to speak so I’m not going to bust a gut doing too much.

I follow a number of blogs and one, The Simple Dollar, had this fabulous post recently 102 things to do on a Money-Free weekend and I might just try a few of them out!  There are some great suggestions here and I need to save money after having an expensive dentist visit and now finding out I have to replace my Heat Pump.

To distract me from everything else, I’ve been listening to some sounds.  These guys are a kiwi duo (it’s New Zealand Music Month), and I like them.  You may have heard of them … they’re starting to make waves!

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