Tasty treat

I am addicted to some vanilla bean and macadamia macaroons, but at $9.50 for a bag of five, it’s an expensive habit. The thing is they are filling and they are made with all these new ingredients that make it a sweet treat, but a healthier one (ie coconut oil etc).

Today I came across this recipe  Coconut almond macaroons and thought it might be similar.  I had to buy the coconut oil and almond meal but I figured I could use other pantry staples.  I used honey in my recipe. The new ingredients cost me $22 but given that I have made about 18 of these balls with barely using them, I figure cost wise I’m onto a winner. 

They are tasty, but a little sweet, and of course my bought ones had nuts… So I figure I’ll play around with the recipe and add some blitzed nuts.  I can also try getting some raspberry Fresh As powder and adding a good quality cocoa to make chocolate raspberry balls as well….   These won’t be wasted, but definitely as they’re quite sweet and need refrigerating, won’t go to work … An after dinner sweet perhaps!


raw ingredients


dry ingredients in


add honey and coconut oil


mix, roll, refrigerate!



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