Listening to…. Stornoway (while I budget!)

I’ve not posted for a bit, sorry.  Usual excuse … life.

I’ve been doing a bit of reading and a bit of tv viewing as I’ve had another venesection so my activities are limited to not doing much.  I haven’t actually listened to too much new music though so I’ve tried to rectify that the last couple of nights (apart from Monday when I watched Game of Thrones … new season YAY!)  A lot of the things I’ve been reading are budgeting/finance sites as in my Just Dabbling mode I am trying to get to a decluttered, more minimalist lifestyle that costs less.  I dabble in various ideas and step by step I’m getting there.  I’m not ready to be “Financially Independent” by any means, but I’ve made some headway.

Anyway I digress.  I was tidying up my finances, paying bills, transferring money from here to there tonight (payday yesterday) and I thought “right, it’s time I tightened the belt and did a no-spend challenge”.  Then I put away my washing.  Why is it whenever I plan to save a bit extra, I realise my lingerie is well past its life, or that my shoes have worn through, or that my dentist discovers I need a bit of work (groan)?

So a bit of a re-think is required, a bit of a re-jig.  Quite time consuming and really, I’d rather focus on something much more interesting.  To help me along the way I have had the BBC streaming tonight and heard these guys for the first time and I really liked their sound.  I know I’m a sucker for Indie Brit…  This particular track’s title seems somewhat apt given my focus.  I need to sort out the road I am going to take!

Happy budgeting, and happy listening!

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