Food for the soul

It’s Easter weekend – the last chance to enjoy the weather before it really cools down.  A time to get out into the garden, eventually, and a weekend known for eating lots of hot cross buns and chocolate.

Chilling in the balmy weather

Chilling in the balmy weather, I must dig out the corn and tomato this weekend…

The weather has started mild.  Yesterday was a warm 20 degrees and today a balmy 26 degrees!  I went for a short walk, but I’m afraid my energy levels are a bit low.  Apart from a little bit of weeding in the garden yesterday I’ve been doing things like reading and planning.  I have another venesection next week and know that my energy levels will go even lower to begin with, so I planned some meals ahead – things to put in the freezer.  At this time of year I’m still eating quite a bit of salad, so it’s mainly getting things like the meat sorted.  I’ve decided though, as the evenings are quite cool (around 6 degrees) a sausage casserole will freeze nicely, and I’ll make some chicken pasta bakes and a pot of chicken & corn soup.  All freezable, and useful on those nights I come home completely exhausted. This might not be food for the soul, but it will keep me sane. 

The other thing I’ve been planning to make all week, since talking to my cousin and getting the recipe back from her, is my mother’s Rhubarb Pie.  I never bothered with the recipe, as mum made it often enough, and living alone, well, one pie is a bit much really.  However last year when I visited my cousin for her birthday, she made the pie and OMG it took me straight back to the last time I had rhubarb pie with mum!  I’ve been meaning to get the recipe from her ever since!  Who cares that I’ll be eating pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two days – it’s probably a slightly better option than chocolate (I only have a couple of marshmallow eggs in the house).  Next time around I’ll make some smaller pies and freeze them too!  So this afternoon as the sun went down, I turned on the oven, rolled up my sleeves and made my own pie.  I was very pleased with the result. Perhaps pastry isn’t so scary after all!    With some ice-cream it was indeed, the perfect food for the soul – comfort food with happy memories thrown in for free.

3 responses to “Food for the soul

  1. Oh yum – that pie looks amazing! That is so lovely that it is your mother’s recipe. What a wonderful way to bring memories back, with every sense from smell to taste.

    Our weather seems to be very similar. I was planning to dig out tomatoes out this weekend, too. It is a tiring time of year with the weather shifting; it must be hard to have the venesection on top of that. Definitely worthy of pie to build your energy before you go in!

    • I might regret not doing more yesterday, the weather is a bit cooler today. Mind you it won’t take long to take out the tomatoes or corn! I’ve got leftover pie to give me some added energy 🙂

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