Grateful for… My mad, crazy family

I’ve not posted lately as it’s been busy. Last weekend my family all managed to congregate and finally put mum and dad to rest at the Harewood Gardens. It has been a long time, but finally they have left the wee house I call home to a new peaceful, pretty space of their own.

It took this long for a few reasons, none of which I will get into here, but we are spread across two countries and it was four and a half years ago that we were last together for my uncle’s 80th birthday.

We are close but we are all grown up with lives so it is hard to get together.  When we do, we do tend to get a bit silly.  It is noisy, with lots of laughter, and usually music… Although not so much this time as the piano had yet to be tuned (see next post!).

We have a family photograph …. We often recreate this. After toasting mum and dad on Friday night, with a Baileys for mum and a (throat burning) whisky for dad, we recreated this photo again, and threw in the compulsory silly shots.

My family are all variations on the extroversion/introversion scale, so for that reason, there are only two photos here with the second allowing some anonymity to my siblings. The original, and a silly one …. When we decided to do a “wasgij” shot for Dad (he liked a jigsaw and became a fan of the wasgij ones).

we were so sweet!

we are a bit silly!

I am, like the title says, grateful for my mad crazy and loving family.  I have been blessed to grow up alongside my siblings, and with the love of our parents. We truly are lucky.

4 responses to “Grateful for… My mad, crazy family

  1. 7 of you! That’s fantastic. Must have been a lot of fun / craziness growing up and now when you get together!

    So glad that you managed to gather everyone together for such an important occasion.

    • It would be fair to say the house wasn’t ever very quiet! There were often extras too, uncles aunts, girlfriends, cousins!!

    • Indeed Patricia, I often think how fortunate I have been. We had a lot of love and laughter in our household. Like all families it wasn’t perfect but the good times definitely outweighed the rest.

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