Listening to… Sol3 Mio

It has been a crazy ten days or so.   I had a car crash and managed to break my car (but nobody was hurt thank goodness). Work has been hectic, I’ve had a wedding to go to and my foot has been slow healing from the minor surgery I had six weeks ago.  So it’s always good to have music to calm the soul.

This week I’ve gone from one extreme to the other. From the loud grunge rock of the Foo Fighters, to the soothing and glorious voices of Sol3 Mio.

Samoan-born local lads Sol3 Mio have had a meteoric rise in the last year or so.  From humble beginnings they have in the last year played the Royal Albert Hall, sung in front of the Queen, and I’m sure their highlight, played in front of 4,500 Cantabrians at the Horncastle Arena last night!

I have always had a thing for men singing, perhaps it’s something to do with my father’s own lovely tenor voice, and a male choir can give me chills.  With these thee, two tenors and one beautiful baritone, there is harmony and humour.  They bring down under humbleness, humour and attitude to opera, classic music and mix it up with some more contemporary items.

My favourites last night were Nella Fantasia, the Beauty and the Beast, Amazing Grace and Bring Him Home.  No show is complete without Nessun Dorma but for me Nella Fantasia was the standout operatic item.  Throw in Ten Guitars, That’s Amore and Volare you can see what a mix the night was.  AND they play all sorts of instruments, the talent never ends. The lads looked spent at the end of the night. They came on stage at 8.05pm and left after their final encore at 10.55pm! Amazing stamina and attitude.  

They fly to Auckland today and back to London tomorrow to start a U.K. Tour. For any UK based followers, if you love music of any genre, a bit of humour, and incredibly beautiful voices, do try and check them out!

Nella Fantasia

Yellow bird

2 responses to “Listening to… Sol3 Mio

  1. Oh gosh! I hadn’t seen this, then when you said on my blog that you were waiting to get your car back, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d missed.

    It must have been a sizeable accident if you’ve been in the courtesy car all this time. I hope you are ok! And hope you get your real car back very soon.

    Love your music talk – it so far from what I know but then I always look things up from your posts and learn!

    • Unfortunately my car bore the brunt of a tow bar, but luckily nobody was hurt. The car is being repaired and should be ready soon. Thank goodness for insurance!

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