Listening to… the Foo Fighters

It’s been a fantastic week.  The weather improved again and summer returned, and I had 1.5 days off work, a dinner out with friends (I’ll blog about that separately) and went to an amazing gig.  Yes… I’ve been listening to the Foo Fighters… LIVE!!!!

The gig was on Wednesday night and Christchurch couldn’t have put on better weather.  Gates opened at 4.30, with support bands on early, and the Foos taking stage at 7.20pm.  I’d had some time convincing work colleagues that I was a rock chick. In my earnest, conservative day-job persona they probably had me summed up as an easy-listening chick.  There’s nothing wrong with that either, I have quite a bit of easy-listening in my catalogues!

Actually, I’m just a music chick.  If you looked at my vinyl (yes I still have some), tapes (yes to those as well) and CD collection let alone my iTunes list, you’d be a bit confused as to my music tastes.  I learned piano, played the guitar, had parents who  played classical music, opera, and who loved musicals, and I had an irish heritage.  Put that all together with some guitar playing mates, and 5 years at the student radio station – I absorbed EVERYTHING I heard.  I would say the only thing I don’t like is heavy metal and I’m not so keen on rap… but then I don’t mind a bit of rap… just not lots of it!

I digress… I was going to be a rock chick this week, as the Foo Fighters kicked off their tour Down Under in Christchurch.  This was huge for Christchurch.  We haven’t been without culture since the earthquakes, far from it, but we are lacking in venues to attract the big names.  The Horncastle Arena only holds between 3-6,000 depending on the stage setup required.  Hagley Park can take 90,000 people – but it’s not a venue – it’s a wide open space.   So this was my first BIG gig since 2011.  27,000 people in the temporary rugby stadium and I was right there amongst it, rocking and rolling for all the right reasons, for once.

The Foo Fighters were awesome.  They played heaps of music from old to new and even a few covers – Kiss and Queen included.  Dave Grohl never left the stage once in 2.5 hours.  The others left for a brief reprieve while he continued an acoustic set, then they all came back on and had a good old fashioned ‘jam’ (covers time) where it showed they just love music.  All up they played for over 2.5 hours, ending with “Everlong”.

I’d had a Foo’s list on Spotify leading up to the concert so I really have been listening to them for most of this week.  So this week, I’m picking the song they dedicated to our broken city “Big Me” as my listening to video … and have attached some shots taken from my phone of the concert.

Dave Grohl promised they’ll be back – next time for a big concert, a free concert… perhaps at the park.  It will be HUGE!!!!!

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3 responses to “Listening to… the Foo Fighters

  1. Dave Grohl is just a great bloke, I think. And very funny. Love the Foo Fighters. It is interesting to hear your background in music growing up. My husband and I lack any musical background from our respective families and we talk often about what we can do to bring that aspect into our 10 year old’s life.

    • We were lucky, as music was always a part of our lives so I was and still am drawn to people of similar ilk. My nana was a piano teacher (she used to accompany the silent movies!) but mainly it was just having music playing in and around the house. So as long as you have music in the house your son should be fine! I prefer music to the Tele so often stream BBC1, 2 or 6 to hear new or different things.

      • That’s a good suggestion. We hardly ever have music on in the house and I know we need to make more effort with this. Our 10 yo does play quite a lot via YouTube but argh! his tastes run to Dubstep at the moment 😀

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