Listening to … A cover

I’ve not written a listening to for a while. I blame having all four series of Game of Thrones to watch, and also living up to my disconnect rule and doing things like reading, playing the piano and guitar lately.

However this caught my eye on Facebook this week

Ed and Sam cover

I’m a bit of an Ed fan and don’t mind Sam Smith and I liked this mash up, very clever. However I made the mistake of reading the comments … Boy there’s a bit of hate and Sam Smith, to summarise, is a cheating stealing muso victimising poor Tom Petty.

Yes I can hear the similarity and he made a payment to Tom Petty, but actually, all musos steal something… There’s only four chords in any song, after all…. As this brilliant sketch from some Aussies demonstrates.

Axis of Awesome … four chords


4 responses to “Listening to … A cover

  1. “Disconnect rule”…what a great idea. Blogs, FB, so many things are black holes of time lost, but I do somehow enjoy them too. I tell myself to sign off, but am still working on that! And the piano…I barely touch it anymore!

  2. How fantastic is that Four Chord Song! Very well done. I do love both Ed and Sam but it was strange at first hearing the two songs spliced together! It grew on me a lot, loved that version.

    The disconnect rule is really important…I am trying to stick mostly to weekend reading so I don’t go down the black hole during the work week.

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