Jamie’s and other holiday fun

Happy new year everyone! I’m just back from a trip to Brisbane to have Christmas with my brother and his family. It was suitably hot and sunny for most of the time and I managed to get to the beach and even went in the water (something that is rare seeing I’m a non-swimmer).

So the days were mainly spent with family, eating, as you do, at home mainly, however my desire to get into the city and have a look around had an exciting inclusion – a meal at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. We don’t have a Jamie restaurant of any nature in New Zealand yet, so as a foodie, and a fan, this was exciting. I’m pleased to say it didn’t disappoint either!

We wandered in around midday and were seated at a table, that had the best view …. The deli!


The deli bar

After a perusal of the menu and drinks, we decided on non-boozy cocktails – mine was cranberry lemon and soda, the others a mock ginger mojito, both refreshing. We also decided to share a few things, so we ordered arrancini balls, polenta fries, and three planks – two vegetable ones and one meat one (with that prosciutto hanging at the deli you couldn’t resist).

We had great service from our waitress, and despite the small table, and drinks, she made sure everything was easy to see and access. Along with our Jamie serviettes we had drinks and plates. The planks were laid on tins of Italian tomatoes! It was very Jamie and very cool.

We did look at the dessert menu, but we actually were were full so passed. Everything was divine. The arrancini balls were a hit, as were the roasted vegetables, and the prosciutto and wagyu meat. The palate refreshing salad was lovely too. I was in foodie heaven… And the best bit, it was so reasonable. $25 each.


Polenta fries


The scrumptious arrancini balls


Who’s place? 🙂


Bread to share


“Plank” – prosciutto, wage, mozzarella, olives, bruscetta, roasted veggies, pecorino cheese and chilli jam, summer salad. DIVINE!

2 responses to “Jamie’s and other holiday fun

  1. $25! That’s amazingly good value. I was expecting with the Jamie-brand that it would come with a hefty price tag attached. Looks divine!

    Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year to you too Fiona! Yes I was quite surprised – even the pastas were in the $19-25 and mains were $24-28 range so I thought it was really good value.

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