Holiday reads

It’s only 12 days to Christmas and my library books were due back today.  I was a bit gutted as I had only just managed to start “Paying Guests” by Sarah Waters.  My local library has a rule you can’t renew books, as they give you a month to read them, (sometimes you get a library assistant who will return the book and put it on the shelf in front of you deliberately… alas, not today).  So I’ll put it on reserve for when I get back from Aussie and get it out again as I was enjoying it.

I must admit today when I went to the library I was feeling a bit jaded.  I am ready for my holiday. So I don’t think I’ve picked anything particularly heavy – it looks like pretty good holiday reading to me.  I had picked up the Julie Walters (yes, that one) book at work at our book swap, and the others are from the library. With four weeks to read five books, I should do it easily, particularly when I’m on holiday… and away from the Game of Thrones episodes on my computer (I’m up to series 3 now!).

So here’s my holiday reading.  I’m particularly looking forward to Beatrice and Benedict by Mariana Fiorato.  She wrote the Glassblower of Murano and The Madonna of the Almonds – both books I really enjoyed.  It’s her take on Beatrice and Benedick before they became famous in a slightly known bit of literature called Much Ado About Nothing!  I’m new to Jojo Moyes – I’ve been a fan since “Me Before You” so am reading the back catalogue.  So far Me Before You is her best, however – IMHO of course!  The other two are new authors for me.

What are your holiday reads?  I’m always keen for new reading, fiction and non-fiction ideas so please share!


4 responses to “Holiday reads

  1. My GoT policy is I will keep watching until / if they do anything to Jon Snow. That’s my line in the sand! It’s great that you have particular authors and books all lined up to go for holiday reading. I am ‘lost’ in my reading at the moment because I have read ‘work only’ stuff for at least 2 months. Happy Holidays to come!

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