Taking stock

I’ve just had another 3 day weekend!  It was “Show Day” here on Friday, which is the Canterbury Anniversary public holiday.  I didn’t go to the show (A&P show – country comes to town), or the races.  I took the chance to just breathe.  It is the busiest part of the year at work for me and the next three weeks in particular are going to be quite full on.  The idea of going back to bed (the cat wakes me at 6am regardless of the day of the week), going to the library and getting some books, mooching in the garden, enjoying the sunshine was just too appealing to give up by socialising or mixing in the crowds.  I’d had a busy week socialising while my brother and nephew stayed anyway.

There are only three pays to Christmas (eek!) and I’ve been taking stock in where I’m at financially and with some plans and goals.  I am nearly finished paying the windows (12 months interest free), and am hoping to treat myself to an iPad for Christmas.  However as I waded my way through about 5 loads of washing (it never ends does it?!) I realised I could really do with some new clothes.  I know I did the Project 333 clothing thing earlier in the year, and am trying to keep my wardrobe minimal but actually some of my clothes are just plain wearing out.  I see the need to go buy some basics like the 3/4 tees, some new black trousers for work, and the like and this is getting in the way of my budgeting!

I shouldn’t complain – I tend to buy quality clothing and some of these items I’ve had in my wardrobe for a three or more years.  I’m fortunate in that I do tend to still fit most things I had five or six years ago… or eight in the case of the skirt I bought for my brother’s wedding and now wear to work occasionally.   So some of these items really can go… I just can’t chuck them until I have the replacements, so I’m hoping to make it to the end of the year and after Christmas before I do that.

So I’ve taken stock this weekend, done some money tracking, budgeting and goal setting.  I also want to stick to the minimal wardrobe.  I didn’t quite get to 33 items (I don’t include accessories!) but I did reduce quite well.  It’s something I’ll review and post about another time.

The menu plan is done in order to a) save money b) eat healthy and c) save time … so that’s the end of the long weekend.  Bring on the week!

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