Back to nature

It’s been fabulous weather this weekend, and I’ve spent most of it in the garden, whether weeding or planting.  I have (with some trepidation at the forecast) planted my tomato plant in the hope that the cold snap due mid week won’t kill it, I’ve done some more seed propagation, planning to grow kale, zucchini, peppers, basil and coriander, I’ve weeded dandelions for africa, and finally cleared the weed-forest around the roses at my bedroom window.  I filled my green wheelie bin with weeds – and I’ve still got the driveway section to do.  I love getting into the garden though.  I can’t do the hard yard stuff – I get help for that, but I like pottering, clearing space, planting and of course harvesting when it comes to fruition.  I think spending a whole weekend outside when you spend 40+ hours inside in an office is quite therapeutic too.  I had to go briefly to the Mall with a friend on Saturday and was pleased I was only going there for one thing and spent only a total 30 minutes in that environment.  Sometimes, there are just way better things to do.  As I’m trying to de-clutter rand de-consume, spending the rest of the time outside was a great way to distract myself from “wants” that somehow become “needs” (or at least they do if you spend too much time in a mall).

recycled and slightly retro bud vases

recycled and slightly retro bud vases

It’s true that I get pleasure out of the basic things in life, really.  When my sister was down recently we went out for a meal and we both had a sparkling orange drink.  They came in cute wee bottles, so I asked the waitress if I could recycle the bottles myself, rather than her take them away.  I could see some potential. I now have matching bud vases – recycling and at no cost (apart from the drinks, which if I recall my sister’s partner paid for – BONUS!).  I picked some fresh buds from the roses to go in them.  They look great on my corner windows.

Anyway, I’m going to finish my weekend away from the screen.  I have a fabulous book to get through, and it’s a nice way to wind up what has been a satisfying and fulfilling weekend.

Freshly watered, pink peonie.

Freshly watered, pink peonie.

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