Regaining the Zen

I had to put a warm filter on so as not to blind you with the whiteness of my legs!

I had to put a warm filter on so as not to blind you with the whiteness of my legs!

I’m breathing a sigh today.  I posted last time about how manic it has been at work and how I’ve been low in energy and struggling with the change to Daylight Savings etc etc.  Well after a busy week following a one-day weekend last weekend, it was a chance to catch up on that lost day and have a 3 day weekend.  Yesterday dawned a sunny and beautiful day (although it was a cold wind).  I made the most of the sun and wind and did two huge loads of washing, In my chaotic September I had put aside the reminder about my car registration and realised with a shock on Wednesday I was driving an unregistered car.  I bussed to work on Thursday and yesterday I sorted out the car registration and at the same time renewed my driver’s licence which was looming for renewal too.  A plumber came and sorted out the small niggles I’ve had in the bathroom and laundry since moving back in.  So it was a real catch up day yesterday and a chance to cross a few important things off the list (albeit slightly costly ones!).  I had planned to make up for missing yoga on Tuesday with a Friday class and before I left the house for that I caught some rays in the sun, baring my legs for the first time this spring!

I’m loving my new sliding door to the lounge as it just creates such a great indoor outdoor flow.  I took the opportunity of sitting in the doorway and reading some of my current book (from the stash I posted last week).

Yoga certainly re-sets my balance.  I’ll never get to advanced levels of yoga, because I’m not allowed to do things like head stand, but I certainly get the benefit of many of the intermediate poses.  I came home quite relaxed, re-heated a pasta, poured a wine and sat and watched Graham Norton – a perfect Friday evening.

Today dawned, day two of my 3-day weekend.  It was even more glorious than yesterday, with the breeze only coming up late this afternoon.  I threw all the doors and windows open and greeted the world.  Sunshine does wonders for the soul and the mind.  I prepared for a busy day, quickly menu planning my week, writing up a grocery list (one of the things I didn’t get done yesterday) and was off to the garden centre as well.

Seeds, veges and herbs, new gardening gloves and motivation!

Seeds, veges and herbs, new gardening gloves and motivation!

I spent about an hour clearing out the weeds and clumping out the old hard soil, before getting to the task in hand.  I have planted zucchini, pepper,  basil, coriander and kale seeds in my germinating tray, I’ve potted some small seedlings of celery and cavelo nero into biodegradable pots for planting when they’re a little bigger and planted the lettuce into a small pot.  I’ve also fertilised a section of the garden and planted rainbow carrots and radish!  I’m not the biggest green thumb – I fail at a lot of my gardening attempts, but I do enjoy the therapeutic benefits of weeding, planting and the hope that something will spring up!

After that effort I had a nice long cold drink in the sun, sat and read my book and just breathed.  Although it’s been a busy morning and quite hard work, I actually feel more energised than at the start of this weekend.   I’m about to do another bit of yoga, before pouring a wine and getting dinner on.  I’m looking forward to sitting with the doors open too, with the warm day we’ve had.  It’s such a nice feeling thinking I’ve got another day off yet, too.  The weather is forecast to be good again, so I’ll do a little more weeding in the flower garden, read some more of my book and just feed my soul.  There’s something about sunshine, fresh air and getting back to basics that is calming.  That, and having a nice bit of music in your ears that matches your mood.

One response to “Regaining the Zen

  1. So true. I often wonder why I garden when I’m sure our veggie / herb patch costs more that store-bought. But it’s so therapeutic! Beautiful spring weather here, too – Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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