Catching my breath

It’s been manic at work – this time of year is the busiest for my department.  I had a one day weekend this weekend and was back at work today.  On top of that, I have had more blood removed a couple of weeks ago and it really hit me energy wise.  Coming at the busiest time of the year probably didn’t help.  Then we lost an hour’s sleep for Daylight Savings.  I don’t seem to be alone at work when struggling with the change – isn’t weird, such a small adjustment to our time frame can throw us for a few days.

I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging side of things too – I’ve just been a bit too tired to go out venturing anywhere, and although my dining friends and I went for brunch last week, I didn’t take any photos, so even that didn’t end up on here.  (I will say this, though:  Sugarhorse, Moorehouse Avenue – very good).

I have a 3 day weekend next weekend (to make up for this one) and on my one day off yesterday I did venture to the library for some books.  I’m hoping if the weather isn’t warm enough for some light gardening, then it will be good to stretch out on the sofa and make a headway on these.

Some light reading

Some light reading

Nothing too heavy in this lot, but I’m not quite in the space for War and Peace.

I am also making a concerted effort to do some yoga every morning, so am “disconnecting” from all screens at 9pm, having a read in the evening and getting up at 6am to do some asanas, that hopefully will fill me with a bit of energy too.

So all in all, I’m just catching my breath and getting back “in-sync”.

2 responses to “Catching my breath

  1. I think it must be the time of year. It’s manic here at work too – daylight savings has done us all in – and I am trying my best to have screens off by 9:00pm to read for half an hour (I say this at 10;30pm tonight…but special excuse as we had a function and were home late!) Looking forward to Spring proper…

    • Changing seasons, changeable weather – it can’t decide whether it’s spring or autumn here yet. I don’t think these things help our body clock!

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