Brightening up the carparks

Christchurch is slowly rebuilding. In fact at the moment my office is constantly vibrating and rattling due to piles and foundations being drilled in near vicinity.  It drives us all a bit nuts but we keep going by having a mantra of “it’s progress, it’s progress”. However my daily walk is past two blocks of vacant land turned into carparks. In my more cynical moments I think Christchurch is the carpark city rather than the garden city!   Then out of the blue something pops up to brighten the surrounds and your spirits with it.  This little project from Greening the Rubble is a gap filler type project.  The Garden plot has been a work in progress for a while. However the final touches went in this week and last night this spot was officially opened. I walked past the garden on the way to meet friends so tonight I stopped to take a photo.  The chair and ottoman are made from broken China gathered after the earthquakes. True recycling!  For more on this venture check out Greening the Rubble. image image image

2 responses to “Brightening up the carparks

  1. Wow…what an innovative design, with all the earthquake elements. That’s beautiful…it would really lift the spirits as the re-building continues. It would be fantastic if it were kept even after the re-build.

    • One of the great things about Christchurch after the earthquakes is the innovative ideas that are “pop-ups”. Some stay, some move on, but it’s highlighted a lot of creative talent in the city.

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