Turning “bad boys” into “good guys”

When I lived in Ireland, my flatmate and his girlfriend used to call anything that was decadently naughty to eat (in the sweet genre) “bad boys”. We often had “bad boys” at supper time, while watching good quality british comedies on the tele.

One of the biggest problems I have with food is my sweet tooth. I LOVE chocolate, and ice-cream and, well anything that looks good. Gooey caramel is also a favourite and Salted Caramel is also one of my new favs. So when you’re trying to lose weight you try to avoid stuff like that. Although I have found complete denial ends in a binge for me, so I try to restrict myself. Self-control isn’t my best when I know there is a packet of chocolate biscuits in the house, however.

So I was really pleased to see this recipe in the latest Healthy Food Guide which arrived in the post yesterday (a fabulous magazine I subscribe to).

My nieces are all into various diets, some are gluten-free and others are doing the raw food diet. I could give them these, as there’s no gluten, no dairy, and they are raw. They have peanut butter, dates, cocoa, cranberries and almonds (I skipped sultanas which were in the original recipe and just added a few more dates and cranberries). Blitz in a food processor with a little warm water and voila … really yummy chocolate treats. I have tried one and as I used a dark quality cocoa they are quite rich, so one was more than enough. If you use no-added sugar or salt peanut butter, they’re even healthier, albeit still a “treat”.

I have my sweet treats for work for the week sorted. I have celery and carrot and hummus for the savoury snacks and a menu plan to aid both the finances and the waistline.

Chilled Choc-cranberry Bliss Balls ready to eat

Chilled Choc-cranberry Bliss Balls ready to eat

2 responses to “Turning “bad boys” into “good guys”

  1. That is a great recipe to have on hand for entertaining gluten-free visitors. We have several friends on gluten-free diets – my few gf dessert and treat recipes have all been used over-and-over at this stage. I need a few more on hand!

    Good work on the menu planning…I am off now to get a few things to have our week sorted!

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