Working out my verse

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. After working a 6 day week and having one day off, I had another full on week at work before flying up to Auckland to surprise my cousin for her birthday. She has three little children (the youngest just 16 weeks old, the other two under school age) and a month ago my aunt, her mother, passed away. I had been planning to go up for her birthday before my aunt passed away and having lost my parents, I know how strange those “firsts” are – particularly ones so soon after the event. It’s different but you haven’t necessarily processed all the reasons why.

The jaw-dropping reaction to her seeing me pull up in the driveway (that bit wasn’t quite planned!) was classic and we were both in tears, hugging each other within minutes. I had a fabulous couple of days, having lots of cuddles with the children (the middle boy being my god-child) and I flew home to Christchurch on the Monday to a squawking cat and the cold southerly.

Why does it seem that short weeks are so much busier than normal ones? We are in the midst of our busy period for my department so there was no shortage of things to get done, and I’m happy to say I’ve completed the week not only still sane, but with the to-do list well under control. However the cold, the busy-ness of the week and the feeling that I’ve not been home to do stuff (tired evenings don’t count!) I must admit I was seriously contemplating two things this morning before going to work:-

a) if the cat wakes me at 6am tomorrow it might not survive
b) can I spend the entire weekend in my pyjamas?

In reality the cat will survive, but have some terse words spoken to her when she demands her breakfast and alert human company. I will also get out of the pyjamas as there’s errands to run, and people to see. Still, the winter-hibernating bear in me would LOVE to return to my youth where you could, actually, get away with such a thing as staying in your pjs all weekend.

The other thing that happened this week, was the death of Robin Williams. I don’t usually get too caught up in celebrity passings. I haven’t known them. Many times the celebrities reported are people I feel shouldn’t headline the news. Mother Theresa, yes. Important people (leaders), yes. Even People Who Have Done Stuff … which in New Zealand also means anyone who has achieved anything in sport! But I feel like many of the “celebrities” (who haven’t done stuff) are not worthy of running the top line of the news for two or three days. With Robin Williams though, I felt different. I truly felt the world was a sadder place. Maybe because I’ve grown up watching him. I loved Mork and Mindy. I’ve seen most of his movies, and not only was he a comic, but he was a genuine actor. I went to Dead Poet’s Society because of Robin Williams. I fell in love with Ethan Hawke and Robert Sean Leonard in that movie too, as they were my age, and cute. That particular movie hit home with me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I love words and literature (not so much poets, as such). Maybe it’s just the whole story line. Maybe it’s because the boys were cute. I actually enjoyed Robin Williams in his more serious movies – Good Will Hunting, Awakenings. I was a bit disturbed in One Hour Photo.

The thought, however that someone so overtly full of passion, fun, love, laughter took his own life is deeply sad. I know many comics and other genius types are often melancholic or depressive types. It’s some strange conundrum or like some dud deal from God. Maybe you can only see the real beauty in life when you have seen darkness. I know from my own experiences with health I see life differently (carpe diem, in fact). Maybe we need these opposites in our lives to appreciate the whole picture. It is so tragic though for it to have come to this.

I’ve been a little melancholy myself this week with the news. Perhaps it’s winter, perhaps it’s the cold, perhaps it’s being tired. All in all though, those pyjamas have seemed rather attractive. It’s seeing the reason to just take a deep breathe, and know that I will get up, get dressed and just take the day that comes, that makes me lucky.

I surfed around trying to find a good clip of Robin Williams and returned to DPS for this clip. It’s 5 minutes long, but it’s the full scene from Mr Keating’s first class. I’m still working on the final draft of mine, but what will your verse be?

One response to “Working out my verse

  1. That is an awesome surprise for your cousin! I watched that clip all the way through with my husband…I really did love that movie (geeky as it may be to admit it.)

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