Time to contemplate

I had a rather slow start to my day.  I’d gone to my best friend’s place to watch the rugby last night (Crusaders v Sharks semi-final) and had a meal, some red wine and some Baileys then crashed the night in the spare room.  I guess I didn’t quite have enough water as I had a slight headache this morning.  I eased into the day with my friends over tea and toast before coming home to a lazy day, grateful I’d done the housework yesterday.  It was a bit of a grey day, too, so not the most inspiring.  Instead it was a day to contemplate, read a few blogs, make some vegetable soup and start a new book.

Everyone needs a lazy Sunday occasionally (albeit without the slight hangover) to think about things.  I often feel full of gratitude when I do this.  I’ve been listening to some music, and enjoying some old sounds from Bell XI.

So to summarise, today I’ve contemplated a few things:

  • Gratitude diary – I’ve been a bit slack lately.  So today I’m grateful for good friends, good times and having the fabulous ability to read (which so many of us take for granted) as reading can help you escape, help you learn and can take you anywhere in your mind.
  • I need to move a bit more.  It’s winter and that extra 4kilos I put on in the motel isn’t going anywhere fast.  So more yoga, and less indulging in wine and food (although my decadent chocolate brownie served up with salted caramel sauce last night was also hard to say no to!).
  • Focus a little more on real life, rather than social media life.  So I’m going to reintroduce no internet after 9pm (except for streamed radio) so I can read, or do some craft.

It’s kind of a minimalist version of my 10 day declutter challenge I did last year.  A little bit of shaping up, a little bit of tuning in and a little bit of pare down (keeping my newly decluttered home decluttered).  Except this time I just want to reintroduce these steps and form them into habits, rather than for a short time.

It’s already after 9pm so the internet thing will have to start from tomorrow, but in a minute or two I’m signing off to go back to my book, and then have an early night so I can do some “moving” in the morning!  I’ve got a busy six-day work week this week, so I think it’s a good time to make an effort to re-tune myself.

Have a good week everyone.

2 responses to “Time to contemplate

  1. Thank you – hope you have a good week, too! I am thinking along exactly the same lines – must move more, focus on real life, appreciate more. It’s always good to have some reflection on a ‘slow’ Sunday.

  2. Indeed, we rush around so much in our daily lives. I’m grateful tonight for my restoring yoga class and the foresight to make a huge pot of vege soup at the weekend!

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