A Juicy Life

I’m a bit late to the whole juice thing. Sure I like a smoothie occasionally – and now that I have my stick blender I do make a mean smoothie – usually berry and banana. Recently I came along a banana and cashew nut smoothie recipe and I enjoyed that (it was a Nadia Lim recipe posted on Facebook). The juice thing however? Well, early last year I bought a juicer. And it sat in my cupboard in its box until I moved out for EQ repairs. I nearly put it on Trademe, but thought, no, let’s put it in the pantry out of the box and maybe I’ll use it.

Well I’ve been back in the house about a month now. I have just used my juicer for the first time. This was spurred on by a couple of things :-

  • I need to lose weight – I’ve piled it on this winter
  • I had my first Kale based “Smoothie” at work this week

YUM! I’m now a convert!

So today, being a Saturday and with a little time on my hands I made a “Breakfast Blend” from a juice recipe book my sister gave me ages ago. It had orange, carrot, kumara and ginger in it. I had to fake the ginger thing with some crushed ginger as I couldn’t find any root ginger at the supermarket this week, so I’m not getting a huge ginger kick from this juice, but it tastes great. The kumara gives a slow release GI of energy, which is why it’s called Breakfast Blend.

My juicer is just a wee baby one – suitable for single people – so I just halved the recipe. I’ll still have a piece of toast with it, but perhaps I do feel just that wee bit healthier for having had a juice for breakfast (one with veges in it and all!). Supermarket shop today will definitely include Kale or Spinach for some green smoothies.

All those foodies out there – what do you do with all the pulp?  (told you I’m a juice ‘virgin’) … and do you have any favourite blends to share?

How's that for bright orange?

How’s that for bright orange?

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