Quiet days and memories

The River was playing today when I was sitting at my computer uploading a picture to Facebook of my mother and father.  It’s their wedding anniversary today.  57 years ago they married on a cold winter’s day in Westport.

The River isn’t a happy song, and it’s almost a ‘Christmas’ song … but it’s melancholy feel just made me well up a little.  I miss my parents and it startles me sometimes when the grief hits again like that – at the least expected times.  The moment passed and the day went on.

It’s been a good day to ponder memories.  I’m having a couple of quiet weekends recovering from my venesection treatment last week (a busy week followed, so I’m still quite tired).  So I sat down and had a look through my photo album and just remembered mum and dad at their best.

On that note though, does anyone else think, how much lovelier ‘old’ black and white photos are?  There’s something about them that has style… or perhaps it was just the fact that people dressed up more.

Engagement day photo

Engagement day photo

6 responses to “Quiet days and memories

  1. Thanks Susan. Evocative and moving. Our parents are always present in us. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (current post a poem about father and son relationship).

  2. Condolences, I don’t think it can ever really get easier after the loss of a parent. I do agree the ‘old’ black and white photos look so smart. I have often wondered if everyone dressed better back then or if they ‘dressed up’ for photos. Your parents look so happy in that pihoto!

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