Crochet wrist warmers

I’m finding life in a motel a little tedious. I had a feeling I’d need to fill in time so I had this little crochet project up my sleeve (sorry poor pun).

The pattern can be found here. I found it a challenge as I’ve never done shells before so I undid my first couple of attempts. However I’m quite pleased with this work in progress.  Two more rows of blue and grey should make them a good length.  I would like them to be a decent length on my wrists. I’m using a fine merino wool.


Work in progress

2 responses to “Crochet wrist warmers

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  2. It must be very hard being in a motel for that long. I really hope it is not much longer till the work is done.

    My grandmother taught me to crochet as a small child but I’ve lost the basic skills years ago. I still remember it being so relaxing and enjoyable though. How great to be able to make something functional from scratch. (And merino wool is the best!)

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