Kakanui respite weekend

I’ve had a reprieve! Well, of sorts. The EQ repairs had to be delayed due to the movers not able to pack up the house. So it’s given me an extra week to sort through things around the house, perhaps even give the garden a weed if the weather allows. We’ve had pretty rubbish weather, and I hope the repairs don’t get too impacted by the autumn weather.

It has been a pretty mental month or two with putting my house on the market, dealing with builders, EQC scoping, Fletchers, etc etc and although I had a nice week in Wellington, a lot of it was spent trying to sort out quotes from a distance for everything. So much so that I was thinking of pulling out of my ANZAC weekend trip. My brother made me see sense, and to be honest, if I’d stayed put in Christchurch I would have probably procrastinated more than anything, so I went on my road trip with my friends down south.

It was a brilliant weekend. Great for a couple of reasons – firstly it was a really chilled weekend. Secondly it was a chance to really experience the area. Apart from the Dawn Service, we didn’t really have major plans set. Food and good company were a focus (as is always the case with us) and the weekend was a chance to just relax. The weather played its part. We had a bit of rain around 9am on ANZAC day (we were home from the service), but it cleared to a lovely day. Then a storm rolled in. New Zealanders are kind of known for talking about the weather… I think these photos show why. We really can get four seasons in one day and this storm, complete with thunder and lightening was quite spectacular. However it all cleared up a bit later in the day too.

Then Saturday was just beautiful, so it was a chance to go for a walk, or for the energetic a run, some tennis and actually, plenty of sitting in the sun absorbing Vitamin D while reading or looking at the marvellous view.

On the Saturday night we ventured to the Coast Cafe for a meal and Sunday we headed to Oamaru’s victorian precinct and the Steampunk area before hitting the road to come home. It really was a great weekend, a respite from the cares of every day, and I felt a real affinity visiting the region that was my dad’s home patch.

2 responses to “Kakanui respite weekend

  1. Wow, these are fantastic photos. New Zealand is so much on my list of “must visit” places. It looks so pristine and wild and beautiful. I love the ANZAC Day photos, too. So good to see that people are attending the services and numbers are even growing in many areas.

    • Fiona, I hope you do get a chance to visit us! We are particularly spoilt here in NZ, I must admit. However, I love visiting places all around the world and think most countries have somewhere beautiful to visit or see.

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