The never-ending lists

I’ve not been posting very regularly of late, and I’m going to be offline soon for at least a month, as finally EQC have contacted me with dates to start my repairs on the house.

To this point, I’ve been quite calm about waiting in line, as there have been so many people in Christchurch with major repairs and issues to deal with… however when EQC ring you don’t turn them down. So it’s my turn. I have about 8 working days to organise myself (there’s another long weekend in the middle) so I’ve been frantically ringing for quotes for accommodation, cattery, looking for paint colours and lino colours… then confusing myself with thinking I may re-carpet the house at the end of this all. However my stress limits started to hit the roof, so I have changed my mind on this latter point – it’s too difficult in too short a time. I can re-carpet down the track.

However I’ve been out of town while trying to sort all this and I still have to put my final claim into the insurance company for my accommodation/cattery and packing/removal/storage costs. This with a busy couple of weeks at work ahead and a trip out of town looming have resulted in some sleepless nights as I keep thinking of things to do.

I have lists everywhere – in my diary, in my phone, on evernote … just so I don’t forget anything! It is doing my head in, but I’m slowly knocking the lists off. The last task is the hardest one though – I don’t want to pack and store clutter/rubbish so the next few evenings I’ll be sorting stuff out to go to the dump. The last thing I need is to put all the stuff I don’t need or want back into the house when this process is finished.

It’s a big job, but my sister will be here for a week of work so can help me in the evenings. It’s on my list, to create a list for her! Haha… she won’t know what has hit her 🙂

4 responses to “The never-ending lists

  1. That is a huge milestone, moving up in the queue to start the repairs. Hope it all goes fantastically well…you sound extremely organised – great idea to put the lists on Evernote (I keep forgetting my evernote…) Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona, things falling into place … but the lists are my life saver! I must admit I forget to use Evernote too – I don’t think I utilise it well enough, but it’s handy for this sort of thing.

    • Thanks Patricia, it was great to meet you too – and thanks for your tips! I’m hoping my weeks in alternative accommodation give me a chance to be crafty!

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