Half-Hearted Declutterer

Okay, here’s the confession.  I like the idea of decluttering, but when the reality comes, there are some things I’m not sure I can commit to.

At the moment my house is a mess, because I’m having some new windows and doors installed.  This meant moving lots of furniture.  Which also meant unpacking the book case.  Now, I’m old-skool when it comes to books.  I love having technology and gadgets, but when it comes to reading, I like the real thing.  Books.  But while I have a pile of them on the floor, it should be the time to sort through and cull.  The reality is, I like my bookcase.  I like that it shows my philosophy books, my french classic drama and my medieval english literature books. I’m glad it shows my travel books and I like it shows that I like a bit of sci-fi and a bit of chick-lit as well as serious fiction and autobiographies. It shows some of my personality.  A bookcase is the first thing I check out when I go to someone’s home.  I like to see what’s on the shelves, and also get a feel for who they are.  So part of me knows, deep down, I won’t be decluttering my books…. I’ll be stacking them in some semblance of order on the bookshelf when the windows are done.

A pile of books

A pile of books

The other thing is my pile of CDs.  Old technology I know – but hey I even have a stockpile of vinyl somewhere!  I still prefer the CD case and booklet in my hands when listening to a new album.  iTunes and mp3s just don’t have the same physical feel – maybe it’s a throwback to when I was a DJ on student radio.  I’m also glad I didn’t throw a whole lot of these away (or sell them… if there are others like me out there) when my computer died as iTunes did NOT remember all my purchases and I lost a few albums – everything else was a CD I’d loaded, so I could put most things back on easily.  I do think I could probably get rid of some of my CDs though…. but once again, looking at someone’s music collection is also an interesting insight into their personality.

CDs wherever I could find a space!

CDs wherever I could find a space!

So there you have it – I’m a half-hearted Declutterer.  There is some stuff I just like having about me.  Clean lines and space are one thing… keeping it unique is another.  I’m busy listening to Foy Vance while I consider my options.

Oh, by the way if any of you out there are like me and love books, check out Bookshelf Porn – don’t worry it’s not what it sounds like, but you’ll be in heaven!


3 responses to “Half-Hearted Declutterer

  1. I am so with you on the books. I have tried my utmost to get into having a digital book collection…but I really believe I don’t read the same way with i-Books. There’s some research about comprehension that suggests we need to be able to flick back and forth frequently to check things (who was that character again? how did that scene go?) I don’t find it easy to do that with digital books. There’s also research about the benefit to kids of having a house full of physical books. So I’m a failed declutterer in this area, too!

    On the CDs…I feel a bit like a music philistine, but I’m just not musical enough to feel the difference between CDs and digital audio. So we do not have even one single CD in our house! Ditto for DVDs…

  2. The purists would say vinyl has the best sound… I don’t really notice a difference between CD and mp3 formats, but I do like having the liner notes, the lyrics (sometimes) and that whole feel of “touch”!

  3. I totally agree with you about books. I have travel books that are old and really not relevant but I hate to get rid of them.

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