Ellerslie Flower Show and I HEART Pink

Blimey, what is this weather?  It was 5 degrees when I got up this morning.  The torrential rain had stopped, thank goodness and so I had a breakfast, and packed my bag for Ellerslie.  Yes, Flower Show time.

Now, let’s get the politics out of the way first.  I actually LOVE the EFS.  I don’t have a problem with the council spending the money on this show. I went to the second one (missed the first) with some free tickets from work and I loved it – particularly the award winning garden from a Chelsea Garden Show fellow.  It’s a while ago now so I don’t remember his name, but it was brilliant.  His whole design was built so it looked like Victoria Lake (okay, it’s a pond really) backed on to it.

Before Christchurch knew what a 7.1 or a 6.2 magnitude earthquake felt like, we were know as the Garden City.  We have acres of land in the centre of our geographical location known as Hagley Park and it’s a jewel in our crown.  It’s a magnificent piece of land that provides a heart to the city and has been a place of refuge since the quakes.  Festivals live in this park.  Ellerslie fits so well.  I’d rather spend my money on a ticket to EFS than to the A&P show.  So there.  You know where I stand.  I hope the council review finds that this show is successful and they keep it.

Having said that, I didn’t get to last year’s one where there were lots of complaints, but this year is my 4th EFS.  This year’s was BIGGER and BETTER than ever.  I think they’ve got it right this time.

So… I HEART Pink?   Well, Pink is the new Black – if you have a garden.  The winning people’s choice award, was fittingly the Chch Botanic Gardens’ beautiful cottage garden with PINK PINK PINK everywhere.  Including, yes, my favourite thing… a bicycle.

Other favourites – well the school exhibits blew us away – the first things we saw as we walked in.  Fabulous efforts from future designers. I did like the arty one (no pics here) but it was due to the colour, not so much the plants.  There were fabulous efforts here and I really loved the music garden (nothing to do with me believing life without music would be like life without air 😉  ).

Of the bigger designs, I thought the flying carpet quite cute, but the ROSE window was very good.  A few man-gardens and man-caves.  I myself think that of the creative gardens think the one with the bath, the bed and living area was the stand out – it’s supposed to reflect life at the bach and bringing it back to the ‘burbs’.  It was fabulous – so much going on.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to the big plant sell-off tomorrow… but if I don’t I have a list of plants to look out for at my local garden centre.  They may be primarily pink in nature!

The Canstruction site – something a bit different.  I don’t know if the tins are full or empty.  If they’re empty a LOT of beans were eaten in the making of these!  Fundraiser for City Mission with every vote costing $1.00 which went to the City Mission.

Well done Ellerslie Flower Show – it was a great day out.  Oh, and big thumbs up to the Dilmah Teahouse tent for our Devonshire Tea … kept us going for another 3 hours!  Anyway, here are the photos… and non wordpress users, you can click to make a slideshow to read captions in full.

By the way, the temperature warmed up and by 3pm (a mere 5 hours later) it was actually quite warm.  I ended the day in tank top and rolled up jeans.  Go figure.

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