Frugal February & Feb Fast – How it went

Ahem, I’d just like to point out that I did this on the spur of the moment, deciding just the night before.  That’s my defence.

Now for the honesty. Frugal February came to a quick end a week in, when I spent money at the Sale.  I DID keep to my decision not to buy linen until August when I can save up for our winter sale but when these lovely pair of shoes turned up on my feet fitting so comfortably, well…

My new favourite things!

My new favourite things!

In my defence, again (am I justifying myself too much?), I have worn them nearly every day since to work… I needed some new work shoes.  I love how they’re a little bit vintage and very spanish!

Aside from the sale splurge, however, I can report that although February was an expensive month, I have taken my lunch to work most days, with just this last week coming a little unstuck.  My discretionary spend was $100 and if I ignore my sale spending (which blew that) I kept to my $100.  So small steps were working.  However it does feel like an expensive month with Accountant’s bill, car service, Mr Fix-It for the flat, Property Report for the flat all adding up.

SO! My plan is to attack Miserly March in a similar way.  This time I’m not going to give myself a discretionary spend, but just actually concentrate on not spending on lunches, coffees (or in my case hot chocolate) and see where I get to.  If I actually track my spend I will have a better feel for how the month goes.  I will have a couple of expenses this month with the flat going on the market in the next week or so – but thats not discretionary spending, it’s essential spending.

This leaves us with Feb Fast.  Well, I managed to get to day 23 without a drink at all, and was out for dinner with my dining friends.  One of my friends got engaged on Valentines Day, and it was the first time we were all together so I had ONE glass of rose to toast the happy couple.  I also had ONE glass of wine at work drinks on Wednesday.  I wasn’t doing Feb Fast as a fund-raiser so I don’t feel so bad for giving into the two times.  It also wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done, even when my sister-in-law brought me up two bottles of fabulous Carrick wine from Central Otago in the first week of February to put in my pantry.  Having said that, I’m off to check out the Ellerslie Flower Show tomorrow with a friend and a glass of vino will probably be had – it is March after all.

3 responses to “Frugal February & Feb Fast – How it went

  1. Awesome work on the Feb Fast! That is a real saving, we have ‘Friday Night Drinks’ and I do need to ditch this expensive habit.

    I think the shoes really come under ‘work expenses’. I had to buy clothes in January and I’ve been thankful ten times over when I’ve seen things ‘not on sale’ throughout Feb. If the shoes fit…buy them!

    • I like your thinking Fiona! They’ve certainly been worth the purchase. But when it comes to will power I lose out – should never have tried them on in the first case seeing I was trying NOT to spend! Besides, they’re spanish shoes, leather and only cost $129 so they were a bargain 🙂

      • That is a good bargain! I bought some spanish boots for $189 last year…love them so much! Hope you enjoy yours!

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