Dux Dine… and the living is easy

On Saturday night six of us ventured to Dux Dine.  This restaurant falls under the EQ rules – it’s relocated so we can go there.  Although I had been there previously, the rest of the group hadn’t so despite Dux Dine having been operational for over 18 months, it was our first official visit!  Dux Dine is the restaurant arm of the Dux de Lux, which was based at the Arts Centre before the earthquakes.  The Dux was legendary for both the vegetarian restaurant and the live music.  If you’re looking for the live music, you now head to Dux Live, which is in Addington, Dux Dine is in Riccarton.

So, debrief of situation done, how did we fare?

Well Dux Dine is in the old Station Master’s house in Riccarton and it has been done up beautifully, with a large verandah-ed deck around two sides of the house, opening into a garden  area.  The garden is lovely, with a raised lawn, seating and of course, vegetable gardens for the cooks to grow their produce!

The menu offers Vegetarian and seafood options.

Our group had the Fish of the Day special, a Salmon salad, the Parpadelle Pasta, Haloumi Salad and I had the Cauliflower Croquettes with a green salad on the side, and a bowl of fries (the aoli is worth the fries alone!).

I must admit I over indulged a little on the fries (I did share, but still ate too many) so I found my croquettes more than filling – they were cauliflower and 3 cheese and a decent size, so I couldn’t quite finish my plate.  The lads cleaned up, and in fact only the Haloumi Salad wasn’t finished either… not due to anything other than a full stomach.

Of course, we sat around chatting and eventually we did feel dessert was in order.  Sticky Toffee Pudding (me), Lemon Tart, Chocolate Mousse Cake and a Creme Brûlée were ordered for dessert.  I saw sense halfway through my delightful pudding and didn’t push it to finish.  I really should have just had a hot drink to finish… but my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

So it was a huge thumbs up for the food.  The surrounds and atmosphere were fabulous and it was a busy busy night, yet we still got good service, with a waitress who was attentive and knew her stuff.

The Dux legend will live on at Dux Dine for now.

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