Sophie Ellis-Bextor and some flowers

Do you remember “Murder on the Dance Floor?”

I think that’s the first song that brought Sophie Ellis-Bextor to my attention, and I can remember thinking what a startling face she had too, as well as a great voice, complete with accent!  She seems to have disappeared well off my radar since then, but the other night I heard this lovely little track on the net, so I googled.  She has an album out and this is one of the singles off it.  It’s a lovely wee tune, with slightly rambling lyrics, but it put me in a chilled and relaxed zone listening to it.  Looking at the video I am reminded that she DOES have a startling face – those eyes!

I had a pretty quiet Saturday today, but I did haul myself out into the driveway to clear away some dandelions that were overtaking the dahlias.  These are all self-sown dahlias.  I have a red one and this gorgeous crimson one.  I was quite pleased with the photo I took – it looked almost HDR, but it was all down to the sunlight and mother nature.

Crimson Dahlia

Crimson Dahlia

I then ventured around the garden to see how the rest of it is doing.  It’s getting past its best now when it comes to the flowers.  But I did snap a couple of the roses as well.

Iceberg White

Iceberg White



So that was my lazy Saturday.   Tomorrow brings a new day, and productivity!

2 responses to “Sophie Ellis-Bextor and some flowers

  1. Very mellow to listen to; despite her having such a strong voice.

    Love the Dahlias, they are such beautiful flowers but not too common here with our heat. And I love your roses, especially “Jubilee” 🙂

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