Frugal February and Feb-fast

As we ate dinner at a restaurant last night, the topic of saving money came up.  A couple of our group have decided on an overseas trip later in the year and so are on a savings venture.  As I’ve just signed up for some renovations that are not much short of $9,000 I added that I should be trying to save too.

My friends hadn’t decided how they’d run their Frugal February – there are a number of websites around with suggestions, challenges and ideas on saving money generally, and also the Frugal February concept.  I haven’t heard what they’ve decided to do… but I did decide myself I need to do this.

It will be a challenge for me.  We go into Sale at work this month so there is temptation.  However it’s a matter of placing priorities really, like any budget.

So I have decided my rules are:-

  • $100 discretionary spending for the month.  I’m already down to $91.20 as I went for coffee with a friend today.  Yes I know… I didn’t need the cake with it.  Lesson learned!
  • Menu plan in order to not by lunches etc.  My menu plan will include snacks!  There is another upside to this – I’ll be eating healthier food than the muffins/cakes/slices I’d buy for morning/afternoon tea snacks.
  • All other spending should be a “need”, not a “want”

I’m left with some questions:-

I’m in a quandary about the Sale.  There are items I was hoping to pick up in the Sale that are “almost” needs.  I changed from a double to a queen bed in November last year and have very little linen.  It would be the perfect time to pick up some decent linen that will last… but could I make do until the winter Sale?  Also similar with some items of basic clothing – 3/4 sleeve tops and underwear that would complete my wardrobe for the foreseeable future.  Women out there know just how expensive full-priced underwear is!

Do I include my yoga fees in my discretionary spend or is it a budgetable item?  We pay monthly and I must admit I haven’t usually budgeted for it previously!

My feeling is I’ll go with the flow this February with as much as possible and formulate some more fixed rules for a “Miserly March”.  Some steps in place are better than none, and it may be good to build up to a really strong month in March.

Feb-fast also is being talked about.  It’s not too hard for me to do this – I’m not a big drinker.  However it will help the Groceries total, my waistline and my liver so why not?  This was an easy add to the February challenges.  I admit I did enjoy my second glass of pinot-gris last night with the thought that it’s my last for a month though!

I’ll update you on how my Frugality is going later!



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