Fryars – Power …. and Cricket

Sometimes when I’m listening to the wonderful inter web radio that is available, something grabs me immediately.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  This track is one of those ones that didn’t really resonate with me immediately, despite hearing Fryars in session on BBC2 recently.  However I was watching NZ smash India in the one day cricket with the sound off (more on that later)…. and had the interwebby going again and this song popped up and this time I realised, it’s actually quite catchy and cool.

As for cricket with the sound off… aren’t cricket commentators boring???? Well, most of them are.  Until I discovered second match in (thanks to an article on the NZ Herald website) iheartradio’s alternative cricket commentary with Jeremy Wells (aka Newsboy), Ben Hurley, a guy from the Beige Brigade (Mike Lane?) and Leigh Hart (“that guy”) along with a few other random guests.  The commentary is irreverent, rude, sometimes a little  alarming in its content, and certainly not for everyone (discussion of STDs mid-over can be a bit TMI) but also very funny and so, so, not cricket!  If you like tongue in cheek humour with a kiwi twist find them on iheartradio for the last game on Friday.  Due to the internet streaming,  they’re a little off timing wise (lots of hints on the herald website about pausing live sky 3 secs) but as I mainly listened to the Saturday game because it wasn’t on free to air … a good radio alternative!  Tonight I put up with the delay for the last 4 overs (I’d missed most of the game due to yoga class) … and most of the TV replays of each delivery timed in nicely with the delay!

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