EnCapsule-ating Style

I have long wanted a Capsule wardrobe, but have never quite managed it.  However I have slowly worked towards getting closer to this aim.  Recently I did a 10-Day-Declutter challenge, and as part of that I emptied out drawers and wardrobe, threw out clothes and shoes.  I also “mentally” did the Project 333 clothing list.  As we mainly dress in black at work, I couldn’t include accessories – as that’s often how I add colour to my day… but I found I could easily get to 33 items of clothing including shoes and coats for each season.

However, despite culling my clothes recently I realised I was well over due for some new clothes – one of the dresses I wear regularly I bought over 5 years ago.  While it is wearing well, it’s a little “tired” and the same can be said for much of my wardrobe.  I did buy some clothes in Europe – a black dress in Paris (not quite an LBD but a versatile day/evening dress), a cashmere jumper and my leather jacket. That bit of buying didn’t really equate to a new wardrobe though.

So I finally went on a bit of a shopping spree.  I bought a new dress and top from Miss Selfridge, and trousers, pencil skirt and a top from Max.  5 items for just on $300 so quite good price points.  All that remains is to get some 3/4 basic tees which I’ll look for closer to autumn.

My capsule wardrobe?

Trench coat –  My 10-yr old treated grey linen trench (it’s been treated so is waterproof)
Cashmere jumper
Black trousers – x 2 (skinny and normal)
White shirt
Mango black & white shirt
Black pencil skirt
Work Tops – 1x blue and 2x black/white stripe
Black dress
Khaki blazer

On top of that I have:-

2 summer skirts
3 tank tops
2 t-shirts
silver capri pants (can be worn to work)
khaki shorts
Jeans – x 2 (one pair for kicking around in and some newer dressier ones)

That’s only 23 items, so I can add in my shoes/sandals (even boots!) and the other older tops/jumpers sweats that I use for kicking about in before I get to 33 items.  I’m particularly pleased with my newest purchases though, because dress aside the other items give me at least eight different variations of outfit if not more!  Finally I’ve started to get my wardrobe working for me.  I’m pretty happy with that.

If you want to check out my style – look at my Pinterest page here (some of my purchases are pinned) but in the meantime… a girl’s got to have at least one pair of sexy heels…  These are mine (well cared for, but still 5 years old!)

Sexy Heels!

Sexy Heels!

2 responses to “EnCapsule-ating Style

  1. 5 items for $300…that is great value! I hadn’t heard the term ‘Capsule wardrobe’ but yes, definitely that’s what I aim for, too. Love the heels!

    • Donna Karan first coined the phrase “Capsule wardrobe” but I picked up on it from Gok Wan on his fashion shows! I know I did well with my $300 spending spree (bank accountant might not be too happy but I’m set for ages now!).

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