I think I have a problem…

I read Megan Nichol Reed’s column in the Sunday Star Times yesterday, where she confessed to her diary horrors (here).  Well, Megan, you’ve got nothing on me.  You see much and all as I love technology and I use my phone’s calendar for appointments, I’m also one for writing things down.  Despite blogging, I also keep a journal – sometimes I just want to write things for myself … or be a little creative, or plan or whatever.  Then of course, my phone is android and my computer is a Mac.  Therefore I don’t use my Mac’s diary/calendar as it doesn’t sync easily… so I have a desk calendar to remind me of things like dates/trips/bill payments.  Yes I could put this in my actual weekly written diary (where I can also plan goals, todo lists etc) … but the calendar is more in my face when I’m surfing and suddenly think I need to internet bank a payment.

So while Ms Megan has her one diary… I have four ways of keeping track of my life.  I think I might have a problem…!

I must admit I do have a stationery fetish, hence the DIY calendar, and the colourful pens to mark things off, the diary to write things down.  There is something about writing things down though.  Committing to an idea, a goal or just cementing an appointment in your brain.   I’ll be in deep do-do now if I miss an appointment after confessing to this, won’t I?

AND I haven’t even mentioned work!  But that’s completely separate (unless I have an evening seminar to attend in which case it goes in my phone).

Am I insane… or do any of you out there also have multiple methods of tracking your lives?

Diary, calendar, journal and phone!

Diary, calendar, journal and phone!


One response to “I think I have a problem…

  1. You are not alone! I also really need things a bit “in my face”…I see things on a written calendar and do them. On lists/calendars on the computer, I have to actively log in to be reminded of my list. Plus…stationery fetish. Absolutely!

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