A different sort of venture

So I’m a bit of a foodie, and I love to cook (hate the mess and cleaning up, alas).  If I’m not under pressure I’m quite a good cook.  I stress when I have to cook for more than a couple of people though as I’m so used to cooking for just me.  My sister once told my mum she was surprised how well I cooked for myself (she lived alone herself at the time and had visited me in my flat).  I have to because I get sick very easily – as soon as the diet goes, I’m stuffed.  My biggest enemy is tiredness as I easily fall into the “too tired to cook, don’t eat well, get more run down” spiral.

When I first moved out of home mum gave me a whole lot of family circle cook books – all easy, quick and healthy recipes and of course I love stir fry so it was always a good stand by.  Cooking for just me means left overs, which means lunch the next day, or a meal in the freezer for those “too tired” nights.  On the whole, I’d have to say I eat quite well, and rather healthily.  My downfall is my sweet tooth and snacks… something I’m working on!

Anyway, I digress.  I received a voucher for the warehouse at Christmas and I had a good wander the other day – you can pick up all sorts of things from the warehouse and I went on a reconnaissance mission, thinking possibly music/books would be the purchase.  There, sitting on the shelf, was Jamie Oliver’s latest “Save with Jamie”.  I ummed and aahed.  I’d have preferred one of the 30 minute or 15 minute meal books.  Flicking through SWJ, I saw some of the meals took 2 hrs prep – I’m a great one for being in the door and eating within 40 minutes!  Also a lot of his meals used leftovers from roasts.  Hmm. Problem one.  Who cooks a roast for one?  But as I chatted on Skype to my sister-in-law she said, there’s nothing to stop you cooking  a roast – if you go to the butcher get a smaller cut – and then freeze the leftovers.   I also thought … yes leftovers are quick meals (and most of those recipes are quicker to make).

So I purchased the book but also made the decision that I would cook my way through the book – apart from the seafood section – to make it worthwhile;  and promptly bought a cooked chook.  I didn’t roast one because it was 26 degrees outside and the thought of having the oven on… besides the cooked chook was the same price as a fresh one to roast.  I promptly took it home, split the chicken up into bags, froze my portions for my leftover meals and turned the carcass into Stock.  I felt like a domestic goddess (even if I had to ring my sister to check on a small detail re: freezing stock!).

Tonight however, I made one of the “from scratch recipes”, being my first official recipe.  Forget the others – this recipe was worth the price of the book.  I cooked the Vege Korma Curry with a Cauliflower pilaf.  I didn’t have curry leaves, and I had no coriander, but despite those two ingredients this was a stunningly tasty and easy meal to make!  I usually grow coriander so I can see this recipe joining my solid favourites.  I’ll have to venture further afield to buy the curry leaves, but the curry paste was tasty enough with all the other yummy ingredients.

I’d heard of using Cauliflower in a mash… but who’dathunk?  Blitz the cauliflower in the processor, steam it in the microwave and it’s as good as rice/couscous base for a curry – and a vegetable serving to boot.

My picture is missing my coriander greenery, but not the taste (I will advise when I recook with the two missing ingredients).  So without further ado…. the just dabbling domestic goddess presents…. Jamie Oliver’s Vegetable Korma Curry!   Oh and future dabblings into the cookbook will be reported on 🙂



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