It’s Street Art, Jim, But Not As We Know It

While I was away for my Christmas break, a little bit of rebellion hit the streets of Christchurch…

Those of you in New Zealand may have seen a little bit on the news recently.  It’s an event called “RISE STREET ART” and is run in conjunction with the Canterbury Museum.  While I haven’t headed to the museum yet (the exhibition runs until March and I knew it would be chocker), with the sun shining bright in the sky and the nor’wester whipping up a gale, I donned my hat and camera and took to the streets.  Thankfully, my friend Tracey had told me about the phone app “oi you!” which has a map of the art on it, so I was able to find most of the pieces of art easily enough.  I’m sure I missed a few, and I didn’t get to the ones near the museum (they can wait til I go to the expo which will be in a week or two)… but I’ve got over 25 photos from around the city.

When Christchurch first fell down there were a few attempts at ‘nice’ graffiti to brighten the walls, but nothing on this scale.  And really, this ain’t graffiti, Jim.  Not really.  Though I was a bit annoyed to find some useless taggers have added their bit to one or two pieces already. grr.  To those people: Go get a life and learn to paint something decent!

So, I don’t know about copyright or anything – I’m sure there are lots of photos around the city being taken, so to cover my butt, I’ll just say that if you check out the official website here you will learn more about those who have done these great pieces of art.  There is rumour that Banksy could be part of this at some point – so far nothing confirmed on the streets as such, but the Museum does have some of his works in the collection there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They certainly brighten the blank walls, empty spaces and carparks!  Thanks to the Rise Street Festival organisers and sponsors!

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