Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas…

Well, it’s Christmas Eve-eve.  The gifts are wrapped, the bag is packed (I go to family).  I’m ready for the holiday.

So to get me really into the mood, I’ve been listening to some Christmas music.  However, I’m a little snobby about my Christmas tunes…  I guess when you work in a retail environment you hear a lot of the mainstream songs.  Last year I found a website where you could make your own advent calendar with videos/songs.  It took me a while but I found 24 more unusual versions of songs, with a few of my very big favourites.

Here’s the link, so click on it and you can look at any of the doors that will open – you may have to wait until tomorrow to get to number 24.  I must admit, my favourites tend to be at the start, as I searched for them first.  Anyway, I hope you like my Indie Christmas music/video mix.  Smith & Burrows, The Pogues, Tim Wheeler and Bing/David are in my top 5 – christmas songs, and my most favourite version of O Holy Night by Gary Morris features here too.


Susan’s Indie Christmas

All that remains is to say, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I’ll be back at the blog in 2014.


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