I See Fire

During this very busy week leading into Christmas, I managed to get to a movie – the Hobbit Pt II known as The Desolation of Smaug.

I know with these movies (LOTR as well) you either are in to them or not.  I had read LOTR when I was 14 and I thoroughly enjoyed the movies.  I was also pretty proud as a New Zealander at both Peter Jackson’s achievements and the showcasing of my “back yard”.  I’d not read the Hobbit, but when I saw that Martin Freeman was going to be Bilbo Baggins I knew it would be worth going to.  A stellar cast supports him too.  The first Hobbit movie didn’t seem to go anywhere particularly fast, but it sets views up for the second movie, as you get to know the characters.  The second movie goes straight into the action and it doesn’t really stop.  There’s one helluva dragon, too.

Anyway, this is a “Listening to” post, not a movie review.  Ed Sheeran has written the closing credits song for The Desolation of Smaug and I think it happens to be just a little bit gorgeous.


2 responses to “I See Fire

  1. We saw No. 2 yesterday! Loved, loved that closing song! My husband wanted to leave but I had to hear the whole song!

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