10-Day-Declutter … how it went

Okay, so yesterday was day 10 of the 10-Day-Declutter challenge I decided to undertake.

To prompt your memory my focus was as follows:-

Shape up:-
Food- reduce sugar, drink more water and lemon
Move – my PT routine 8/10 days and yoga e/day 
Sleep – bed by 10pm

Pare down:
Home – wardrobe declutter
Work – clean up desk

Tune in:
Brain – no internet after 9pm (9.30 weekends); play guitar and piano more
Heart – gratitude journal entry

So how did I go?  Well, I did the Pare down brilliantly – my wardrobe and drawers are all decluttered and I donated 3 bags of clothes and about 5 pairs of shoes to charity.  My work desk looks like a desk again.

Shape up?  Well, there was room to move with the Food thing.  My sweet tooth didn’t help me but I did reduce sugar – just not as much as I’d like to, so I’m going to keep working away at that one. I certainly have increased my water intake though, so baby steps!  As for moving, well I managed 7/10 days with my PT routine. I’m currently having treatment on my back and knee so there was one day where I was rather sore and chose not to do my routine.  I’ve done very small stretches with yoga as I’m treading carefully.  The good news is tonight was a yoga class night and I got through the whole class, so things are looking up.  Sleep – I managed quite well, apart from Friday night when we had our work Christmas do.  That was a late night (I’m talking pre-midnight though!) and one other weekend night when it was 10.30pm.  “Skool nights” I’ve kept to 10pm apart from the night I skyped my brother in Wellington – but family will always win out with me.

Tune in?  I’m quite pleased with this.  I did sneak a peak at the internet once or twice after 9pm but really, I think 8 out of 10 nights I kept to my rule.  I downloaded a whole lot of free music and I’ve played the piano and guitar at least every second night.  It has been a nice change and I’m going to keep at this as well.

I managed to find something to be grateful for every day so my gratitude journal entries were 100% completed.  I think it’s important we all think of something we’re grateful for at least once a day.  It can put a whole day into perspective and I often realise a lot of my daily woes really are First World Problems.  I’ve a lot to be thankful for.

So the 10 day challenge is over, but I’m incorporating some new habits into my life to keep going!  

No Teaser Tuesday today – I’ve been busy playing the guitar/piano at night instead of reading haha!  I’m still going on my Lost Girls of Rome so I’ll attempt to have a Teaser Tuesday next week.

4 responses to “10-Day-Declutter … how it went

  1. Sounds like you had a very successful challenge…I’m decluttering every day for the entire month of January, so I hope to have a huge change to see by the end of the month. Now to get back to that whole exercising every day thing…

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