10-Day Declutter challenge – halfway update

Okay, so I committed to this 5 days ago and I’m doing reasonably well.

In my Shape up area I had 3 things to focus on

Food: reduce sugar and drink more water and lemon.  I’ve done pretty well on this front. I have a shocking sweet tooth and easy access to cafe foods such as cakes, slice etc.  I’ve had zero cake intake… one small chocolate biscuit a day, one muffin (savoury) today as I had to buy lunch.  Oh, and I went a little awol this evening coming home late and having 3 squares too many of Lindt’s Chilli Chcolate (one square of this was my daily allowance).  It’s no use someone like me trying to do zero sugar as I don’t respond to cold turkey – but this is a huge reduction in my usual intake.  Back on the bus tomorrow too as I’m determined to improve this one!


Move: – my PT’s routine 8/10 days – well I’ve done my 4 days and today was my one day rest, so back into that tomorrow.  Yoga every day – I’ve incorporated a little bit of yoga into my pt routine as I’m having physio for a knee & back problem.  Therefore as today was my rest day (and a physio appointment) I gave the yoga a miss – although if I stretched the point (ooh, sorry, bad pun) I could say I did stretch for 5 minutes this morning while still in bed!

Sleep:  This has been good – apart from last night with a Skype call to my brother in Wellington which lasted a good hour (we had a good old chin-wag!) I’ve been in bed and lights out by 10pm.  Last night was 10.30.

In my Pare Down challenge I’m stoked – My wardrobe AND dresser have been decluttered.  I do have 3 bags of things to take away on my bedroom floor (for donation) but they’re ready to go, so come Saturday I’ll drop them off.  At work I did a HUGE clear out of my desk yesterday and am very proud of my new look minimal-paper desk.  I need to diary a paper-war every couple of months as my role does see a lot of paperwork crossing my desk.  So that part of the challenge is really done.

Tune In: was the other challenge.  I have played the piano 3 out of the 5 nights (there’s still time for tonight!) and barring my Skype call last night, internet has gone off from 9pm.  I’m pleased I’ve kept to that.  I have also, so far written a daily gratitude line in my journal.

So half-way there I just have 5 days to up the anti on the Shape Up and the Tune In.  I’m pretty pleased.  I like to think I’ll keep this going too.  And as for Pare Down – well there are other rooms in the house to attack yet!


One response to “10-Day Declutter challenge – halfway update

  1. Great going! I always love a wardrobe declutter. I guess because we all use our wardrobe everyday, it is a specially “feel-good” declutter to open the doors and feel organised in the morning. Same with the desk!

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