Simplifying Life

I’m all for the simple life… and the good life.  Sometimes life, just by itself, gets in the way.  I follow a few blogs about simplifying life, decluttering and deconsumerising my life and in true “Just Dabbling” form, I have a go at a few things.

Today, however, I’ve committed myself to a 10 Day Declutter project as outlined by the fabulous  Be More With Less website.

My plan:


Food: reduce sugar.  Drink water & lemon instead of other drinks

Move: My PT’s routine 8/10 days; yoga e/day

Sleep: Read 9.30 – lights out 10pm


Home: Wardrobe de-clutter  (I’m on a mission to get a capsule wardrobe!)

Work: Try and beat the paper battle that is my desk


Brain: Less time on the net and more of play guitar or piano

Heart: Daily gratitude  entry in my diary


I’ll let you know how I get on!  I’ve started the day well with move and food. so let’s see how the rest goes!

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