Springtime Blues

The spring weather has been up and down since my return to Christchurch.  After having a month of hot sunshine in Europe I was dismayed to arrive home to a week of  grey cold 8 degree days.  The garden needed desperate attention and all I could do was shiver in the cold and look at it from inside.  I really have felt quite blue about the spring weather since coming home.

One hot Sunday allowed me to get out and start weeding, followed by a week of cold weather, four degrees and sleet even!  Yesterday dawned okay, so I got out into the garden again and did more weeding…. that is until the dark clouds, thunder, lightening and torrential rain came down!  Talk about unsettled weather.  So when the sun came out this morning, I was keen to get all the washing done which means the garden hasn’t really had my attention today.  My time out in the sun has been to sit and have a long cold drink, and enjoy the warmth for a little.  The garden will wait.  I did, however, get the camera out and take a couple of snaps.  Earlier in the year I bought some spring bulbs, and it’s good to see that some have sprung!  The freesias won’t last much longer, but the tulips are still coming out.  I planted a mix of purple and white bulbs for the tulips, but the dark ones seem to have taken much better!

There is something about pretty bright flowers that gives me warm fuzzies.

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