Note for some newbies: – I’ve inserted all the photos as a gallery so click on one to make large and then you can scroll through!

On our travels we saw a lot of cathedrals and basilicas..
Notre Dame
Sacre Coeur
St Nazaire
and of course St Peters being of note.

But one cathedral, stands out. It’s not even finished yet. Yes that’s right. You know the one. La Sagrada Familia. It’s incredible for such different reasons to the other cathedrals. The one I felt most spiritual in was St Nazaire; I was in the most awe at St Peters; but La Sagrada Familia is just wondrous.

14 years ago I visited the Cathedral and you couldn’t enter it – just wander outside and around the basement crypt/museum. The lift was broken down so I couldn’t go up a tower. To be honest, the outside still looks as unfinished as years ago (in reality a lot more HAS been built… but the perception is that it hasn’t). For me the difference was getting inside and seeing it from the inside. One word. Wow.

Weirdly, just the other night, this appeared on the Stuff (NZ news) website. Worth looking at.

Time lapse to finished Cathedral

But Barcelona was more than La Sagrada Familia. It was fabulous food (tapas =sigh=) and wine, it was friendly, smiley Spaniards, it was wonderful weather and amazing buildings. Gaudi has put his stamp on this city, but there are other great places to visit as well.

My sister talked me into going on the Cable Car at Montjuic, as we gave up waiting for our turn to go up the towers of La Sagrada Familia. In the end we had BETTER views… and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, given that I suffer from Vertigo (“onze, dos, tres, quartoze!”) (sp?)

And then, my favourite thing… the Magic Fountain, the Fountains at Montjuic. While I took a video on my phone, I think my stills are better (you don’t get the crowd noise) and you can view the pictures with your own choice of music… could I suggest a certain song by Queen? 🙂

Barcelona! (the exclamation mark is almost compulsory) is one of my favourite places in Europe. Any time I’ve spent in Spain I have enjoyed and this city to me has a special vibrancy. If you’ve never been there, do try to get there some time – it’s worth the 24hr flight from New Zealand all by itself!

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